She's an alien. God, Lorde was probably the best and most entertaining performing artist that I have ever seen live and I couldn't be more ecstatic that I got to see her last night at the Cosmopolitan Boulevard Pool. Thanks to the universe, and Ryan, for supplying me with a ticket to this beautiful event and it reminded me how important music is to my life.

I want to start incorporating more music into my blog, so let me know if that is something that you would like to see! If you want to see a clip or two of Lorde from her concert, check out my Instagram.

Can we talk for a second about Lorde's opening act, Lo-Fang? I think I actually lost all my bodily functions when I heard is beyond gorgeous voice and then he played the electric violin? I lost it. Definitely an artist I am already listening to on repeat and you should too. I love listening to artists with super distinct voices that sing material that is original and innovative. He definitely falls in this category.

Here are some more pictures from my wonderful night last night:

Ben Green



Oh Miami. There is so much I could say about this magical little place. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not really a fan of the beach, so I wasn't exactly sure how my relationship with South Beach, Miami was going to go down. 

It went down well.

The weather was so unbelievably perfect and I wouldn't probably ever live there, but it has quickly become close to the top of my list for vacation destinations. It was so great to be able to get away for a couple of days and spend it with some of my favorite people. I also think, personally for me, I really only think about exotic, beautiful places being outside of the United States, in some intangible place across the globe. But Miami reminded me of the gorgeous sites in my own country. I thought I would share with you some of the things I did, and girl you know I was snapping my camera every 5 seconds, so lots of pictures to show!

Bottom line, what a wonderful getaway. Take me back!


"Feelin free today. @freepeople @shopwasteland @coach #xoxobengreen
"kimono times. by #Vesst ... @coach @targetstyle @romwe
@brandymelvilleusa #xoxobengreen #miami"
"A little lunch in the city. #miami #xoxobengreen

"#miamibeach #xoxobengreen"
"#miami day 1. Lunch by the bay @khalahrenee" 
"Arrived in Miami. #xoxobengreen #miami #hiltonmiamidowntown"


I just finished writing up this post after watching the total lunar eclipse. Got me a bit distracted. Nature is truly fascinating.

I might sound like a freak but sometimes when I have a break off from school, but no time or convenience to go out of town for a vacation, I pull out the bed in my guest room and have a little staycation. It's not exactly the hotel experience I long for, but it gets me out of my own bedroom. Quite relaxing.

Now that it's past midnight, I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday! 

Ben Green



That perfect, casual dress. Yep, I found it. When I stumbled on this piece from Free People I was automatically drawn to its detailed stitching and mix of prints. I love the way the different panels of fabric come together like a quilt and the length is quite perfect. I wrote in my last post that I wanted to venture into more color and print, and this isn't exactly colorful, but it definitely counts as a print! The quality is impeccable and it's unbelievably comfortable. 

This piece is so versatile, as you can dress it up or down. I chose the more casual approach with this look and it is just the perfect way to achieve a simple-throw-it-on-out-the-door look that is still intriguing. 

Picked up a couple other items from Free People, so you will probably see those soon.

Sunglasses English Laundry via Nordstrom's Rack / Dress Free People / Bag Coach / 
Boots Dolce Vita

I'm off to Miami on Wednesday morning so I will try to take as many pictures as I can! I don't love the beach (I know, I'm an alien) but I'm sure there will be little shops and cafes I can indulge in instead. Follow me on Instagram to keep updated on my trip!

Have a load of homework to do. Counting the days until graduation. 

Ben Green




Currently lusting for something different. If you have been following me for a while you know that color and prints are not exactly incorporated in my wardrobe very often. It's not that I am scared to wear  something loud, I'm just too obsessed with a monochromatic rack. BUT, I have come to really be drawn to incorporating some new elements to my closet lately, especially with spring rolling in. (My damn allergies are rolling in too.) I created this collage yesterday and loving this blue bag and the CHLOE short sleeve dress.

Gimme gimme COLOR!

Ben Green



18 years on this earth. I'm finally legal. My birthday was this past Sunday, the 23rd, and I chose to spend it with the people that mean the world to me. My friends and family. I thought about throwing a big, BIG party with a gob of people but after some thought it made more sense to spend this mini-milestone in my life with a special few. 

Moments are moments. They fly right past you. This is going to sound dramatic, but when I stuck my head out the window of the black, stretch Escalade, and looked up at the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip it felt like time was infinite. The world is an oyster, waiting for its pearl to be found. 

What wonderful moments, spent with wonderful people. 

Last stop was one of my favorite places to eat, California Pizza Kitchen. Good food. Good people. Attractive staff. Yes please.

Gosh, now I have responsibilities. Actually that's not new. I've always been independent. Got some great new projects in the works that I can't wait to share with you.

It's midnight. Thank god for Starbucks that open before sunrise.

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